Matt McGillvray
Graphic/Web Designer | Portland, Maine. Writing about ethics in design and working on a book about the intersection between design activism & the climate crisis

Reckoning with our responsibility not just to our clients but to everyone and to the planet.

What is “good” design and who decides what it looks like? Perhaps the issue is in the wording of the question itself; “looks like”—is what makes a design good based only on its appearance? The answer is obviously that aesthetics alone do not determine the quality of a design. But…

Focusing on meaningful change rather than big impacts

A graphic of a rolling counter with eight positions beginning with the number one on a dark green background.
An image of an imaginary rolling counter of climate actions taken by a person. The size isn’t the critical measure of an action, or the number of actions, but each adds to the collective amounts that all of us take. Image by the author.

Being a designer has never been easy; not if you take the responsibility seriously anyway. But being a designer — let’s face it, just being a person — on a planet that is undergoing a climate crisis is even harder. A designer’s job can be complicated and stressful even without…

Matt McGillvray

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